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Interior Design Australia

At I.M., your interior design matters to us, and we’re here to help you get to the heart of it.

I.M. Life-Changing

We strongly believe that good design transforms people’s lives. More than that, the I.M. team is both capable of and passionate about converting functional spaces into liveable and beautiful abodes.

I.M. was born out of the passion a group of close friends shared for interior décor. We discovered this mutual interest when we started revamping our individual homes and investment properties.

Relatives, friends and colleagues who saw the remodels were very impressed and awed by our design work, which led to them consulting us for help and ideas for their homes.

interior design australia - interior matters

After many years of working in the corporate world, we decided to follow our hearts, which led us to take on a professional course in Interior Design. Now,  we have reached a pivotal stage in our lives where we look forward to creating elegant spaces which make us and other people happy. We believe that everyone deserves a stylish home, regardless of their budget.
interior design australia- interior matters

I.M. Personal

We believe a house truly becomes a home when it’s sprinkled with personal touches. To achieve this, we look at how your space can complement your taste, personality and reflect your lifestyle – with the added bonus of making your guests just that tiny bit envious.

No cookie-cutter designs for us, or you! We use our shared skills and experience to help you bring your vision to life. Let us deliver to you a personable and personality-filled home that will make you want to spend quality time in with family and friends. They might never want to leave!

interior design singapore - interior mattersinterior design singapore - interior mattersinterior design singapore - interior matters


I.M. Committed

We know that creating an enviable abode is a big task! We also understand the time and commitment involved. As Certified Interior Decorators, we  have spent a long time building unique portfolios to inspire you.

We’re equally excited at the prospect of delving into new projects, to transform your space into that home you’ve always dreamed of.

At I.M., it’s really all about You! We put you in the centre of everything we do. Every minute spent on your home is quality time spent ensuring our designs reflect your life, your journey, and your story, while reflecting confidence, artistry, style and sophistication.

And, in the end, your story becomes part of ours too. Through our dedicated partnership, we aim to enhance your lives while fulfilling our own creative ambitions: To create authentic homes – where true living can begin.
interior design singapore - interior matters
interior design singapore - interior matters
interior design singapore - interior matters